Shamldas Arts Collage


Languages KnownGujarati, Hindi, English

AddressShamldas Arts Collage, Hill Drive, Bhavnagar, Gujarat.



About Shamldas Arts Collage


Samaldas Arts College is one of the oldest colleges in the western region of India. Established in 1885 by Late Maharaja Sir Takhtasinhji of Bhavnagar who had provided land and required deposit-money to have an institution of higher education and willingly named it “Samaldas College” in remembrance of his Diwan Samaldas Mehta. Bombay University had given the affiliation to the institution and thereafter the college has never seen back in her long career.

During these 131 years of prestigious-encouraging history where Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, has studied, the institution shifted its buildings as the time passed. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, laid the foundation stone of the present building.

Right from Prof. R. H. Ganian, there is a galaxy of principals who have taken pleasure and pain along with their teaching community to develop the college. Prof. T. K. Shahani (1923-1948), Prof. J. B. Sendil (1952-62), Prof. B. C. Desai (1962-66), Prof. S. M. Shah (1967-70), Prof. A. S. Prabhudesai (1975-77) and Dr A. A. Shaikh (From 1994) are few of them.

Famous for

Facilities / Features

Computer Laboratory

Psychology Laboratory

English Language Laboratory

Home Science Laboratory

Library with more than 61,300 titles

Somalal Shah Art Gallery

Vivekanand Auditorium Hall

Mahatma Gandhi Bhavan

Mahatma Gandhi Museum

“Shashwati” – directory of college’s Ex-students (1885 to 2003)

Mahatma Gandhi, Balvantrai Mehta and Lakhani Rajab Ali’s Shahid Smarak

Best time to Visit

Anytime within a week except sunday

Best time to Go

During Day


Public Transport to Go

Nearest bus stand is Bhavnagar and thier inquiry no. is, 02782424147

Nearest Railway Station is Bhavnagar and Indian Railway Inquiry no. is, 139

Nearest Airport is Bhavnagar and thier inquiry no. is, 02782212971

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