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Sabarkantha – The Region along the River of Sabarmati; which is bounded by Rajasthan state to the North-East, Banaskantha and Mehsana districts to the West, Gandhinagar to the South and Arvalli to the South-East.


Idar, Polo Forest and Vijaynagar District comprises of 7 Talukas.


Administrative Headquarter of Sabarkantha located on the bank of River Hathmati. Also known as Ahmednagar on the name of its founder.

Founder - Ahmedshah I of Gujarat Sultanate

To keep check on Raos of Idar State, Ahmedshah- I founded this town. It is said that – He was so fond of this place that he thought of making it, Capital of Gujarat Sultanate instead of Ahmedabad. Back in time, when the Rao Dynasty took over Idar; Ahmednagar fell into the hand of Raos.

Later on, It was a part of Idar District in State of Bombay from 1947 to 1956; then it was administrative headquarter of Dungarpur District, Rajasthan from 1956 to 1960. Since 1961, it is part of Sabarkantha, Gujarat.


Himmat Singh Fort, Daulat Vilas Palace, Amusement Park


Idar is located at Southern End of Arvalli Range, known for the handmade wooden toys, its temples, architectural monuments on hill and its historic background. This place is also remarkable in Gujarat as the hottest place during summer.


This is the town which is mentioned in Mahabharata and Bhavishottar Puran as ‘Ilvadurg’, which is believed to be in existence since the time of Yudhishthira was ruling over Hastinapur at the end of Kuruksheta War of Mahabharata.

From the Yuga, It was known that – The Possessor of Golden Figure helped Veni Vachh Raj, the ruler of Idar to build the Hill Fort and its reservoirs. His queen was Nagputri, the daughter of a snake-king of the underworld, whither she and her consort betook themselves when queen found that men were mortal.


Idar was ruled by Bappa Rawal by taking over the throne from Bhill Predecessors and then fell into the hand of Parihar Rajput, then Prithviraj Chauhan. After numerous changes of fortune and struggle, it finally went into the hands of Raos.


Fort, Clock Tower, Chaturbhuj Stepwell, Idargadh, Roothi Rani no Mahel, Ranmal ni Chowki, Harishchandra ki Chouri, Ranmaleshwar Lake, Sheela Udyan, Kharadi Bazaar, Rani Talav, Shrimad Rajchandra Vihar, Swaminarayan Temple, Cave temples of Mankaleshwar Mahadev, Khokhanath Mahadev, Dhaneshwar Mahadev


Vadali is located 18 kms north of Idar. Currently, it is a small village of Vadali Taluka but in the eleventh century, it was the centre of a large kingdom.

This place is also mentioned by Chinese Pilgrim Xuanzang in his work of Great Tang Records on the Western Regions as O-cha-li, the Chinese way of writing Vadali.


Khedbrahma is located on the bank of River Harnav.


It is believed that Lord Brahma had ploughed the land here to free himself from the impurity on advice of Lord Vishnu. Later on, Vishwakarma built a handsome city on order of Lord Brahma; which is named as Khedbrahma on the name of practice held by Lord Brahma.


Ambika Temple, Brahma Temple and Step well


There are only two temples of Lord Brahma in India, One is in Pushkar, Rajasthan and the other is here in Khedbrahma.


Vijaynagar is located 35 kms north-east of Idar, known for its Polo forest.

Polo Forest

It is spread in Kalaliyo Hill from the east to Mamrehchi Hill in the west; mostly it is blocked by sunlight throughout the day.


It is believed that Parihar King of Idar established the city under this dense forest in the 10th century and then it was conquered by the Rathod Rajputs of Marwar in 15th century.

Polo word comes from the Marwari word of Pol, means Gate. That is the reason why Polo City is also known as ‘Gateway to Rajasthan’ as it stands near the border of Rajasthan


Polo Monument, Vireshwar Temple, Sharneshwar Temple and forest Itself.


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Umashankar Joshi

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