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Patan, an ancient fortified town, was founded in 745 AD by Vanraj Chavda, the most prominent king of the Chavda Kingdom. He named the city Anhilpur Patanor "Anhilwad Patan" after his close friend and Prime Minister Anhil shepherd.


District comprises of 7 Talukas.


Patan district is one of the 33 districts of Gujarat state in western India. This district is located in northern Gujarat and bounded by Banaskantha district in the north and northeast, Mehsana district in the east and southeast, Surendranagar district in the south and Kutch District and the Kutch nu Nanu Ran (Little Rann of Kutch) in the west. The district occupies an area of 5740 km².


These Solanki rajputs, with Paramaras of Malwa, the Chauhans of Sakambhari and Chandellas of Kalanjar and Mahoba, were serious contestants for supremacy in northern India. Later Mulraj, the adopted son of last Chavda king, established Solanki dynasty. He successfully expanded kingdom to west. His successor Siddhraj Jaisinh added Malwa. Kumarpal was a major ruler who patroned Jainism. Solanki rule covered Saurashtra and Kutch in the west, Lata in the south, Malwa in the east and southern Rajasthan in the north at its greatest period. Historian Tertius Chandler estimates that Anhilwara (Patan is built on this ancient city) was the tenth-largest city in the world in the year 1000, with a population of approximately 100,000. Muhammed's general and later Sultan of Delhi Qutb-ud-din Aybak sacked the city between 1200 and 1210, and it was destroyed by the Alladin Khilji in 1298.

Patan district was established in 2000. The district was carved out by amalgamating Sami, Harij, Chanasma, Sidhpur and Patan Talukas of the erstwhile Mehsana District withRadhanpur and Santalpur Talukas of the erstwhile Banaskantha District. There are many Hindu temples and Jain Temple in the district.


Rani ki Vav, Sahastralinga Talav, Hemachandracharya Jain Gnan Mandir, Jain Temples, Mashru Weavers, Muslim Architecture, Patola Weavers, Shankheshwar, Siddhpur .


Raja Siddhraj built a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called as the ‘Rudra Mahalaya’ in 12th century AD. The temple was an architectural wonder with a three-storeyed 'shikhara', 1600 pillars, 12 entrance doors, central 'mandapa' and porches on east, north and south and sanctum in west. Around the temple, there were 11 shrines of Rudra. The eastern gate was adorned with beautifully carved 'Toran', with a flight of steps leading to the Saraswati River. The ornamentation of the temple was exuberant as shown by the elaborate and detailed carvings of the pillars and the beautiful Toran, which are the only remains of the temple today.


Siddhpur, also spelled Sidhpur is a town and a municipality in Patan district in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is a historical place located on the bank of Sarasvati River. Siddhpur is the headquarters of Siddhpur taluka.


Siddhpur was historically known as Sristhal, literally "a pious place". The legend is that the great sage Dadhyanca or Dadhichi had donated his bones to God Indra here at Siddhpur. Siddhpur is also believed to be located at the junction of two rivers Ganges and Saraswati. Even in the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, it is mentioned that the Pandavas had visited the place while they were in exile. During the 4-5th A.D a large number of people settled in this part. They were Gurjara people from Iran.

In tenth century (943 AD), Mularaja, the founder of Solanki dynasty, started constructing the Rudra Mahalaya Temple. On completion of the temple, around 1140 AD, Siddharaj Jaisinh consecrated it and established the town as his capital. He changed its name to Siddhpur, literally Siddhraj's town. The temple was dismantled an army under Almas Beg Alaf Khdn and Nusrat Khan Jalesri sent by Alauddin Khiljiin 1296 AD (Samvat 1353).


Religious Rituals, Thali Building, Rudra Mahalaya, Mansions Of Bohra Muslims


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