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What is Guide to Go?

Guide to Go is a destination information provider in Gujarat. From where tourist can plan of their tour from their home location also. Destinations also have more than enough information like map, direction, distances, weather, nearby attractions and etc.

Is all distances are correct from my location to destination?

Yes, all distances are calculated from road transportation from both locations. So that will not wrong. You can also check distance from your different location by “Change your location” under the distance shown in destination page.

How to give more information about any destination?

For that first you need to login, then open that destination for what you want to give information. Where you will find a button called “Want to give more information about this place?” . By click that button you will have a form window to input an information. We accepts only text and images for destination information.

What is placecode?

Placecode is a key feature of Guide to Go. In every destination you will have a placecode. A uniquie code assigned to all destination available in Guide to Go. And every place can be shared as www.guidetogo.in/placecode ( ex www.guidetogo.in/g2g99999 ).

How to advertise in Guide to Go?

We have distributed plans according to different requirements here, you just need to send inquiry according to your advertisement parameters. We will contact you for process ahead. And if you are planning to go with custom requirement then contact us by droping a mail on sales@guidetogo.in. Our sales team will get back to you shortly.

How to suggest Guide to Go a new place near me?

That is very simple. Just fill up a contact us form above by make sure to mention district of destination, few lines about the destination, and complete address.

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