About Beach

A beach is a landform along a body of Water. The particles comprising a beach Are occasionally biological in origin, such As mosllusc shells or coralline algae. The four sections of most beaches. 1. Swash Zone 2. Beach face 3. Wrack line 4. Berm. The development of the beach as a popular Leisure resort from the mid -19th century was the First manifestation of what is now the global tourist industry. The first seaside resorts were opened in the 18th century for the aristocracy.

Beaches can be popular on warm sunny Days. In the Victorian Era, many popular beach redorts were equipped with bathing machines because even the All covering beachwear of the period was considered immodst. This social standard still prevails in many Muslim the other end of spectrum are topfree beaches and nude beaches where clothing is optional or not allowed. In more than thirty countries, the best recreational beaches are awarded blue flag status, based on such criteria as water quality and safety provision.

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