Fashion is an art and you are the Canvas

this lines can be justify from  this exclusive and premier art From The Area Of Patan In North Gujarat Region Of Western India  Glorifies This Heritage With Its Unique Gem Like Qualities Goregeous Colours, Designing And Durability by presenting  A Rich And Ancient Heritage In Fine Textile .(Dounle Ikat ) Patola  . In one of the folk song In Gujarati, in which the  wife  asks her husband to bring for her patola from patan  while returning ,” chelaji re, mare hatu patan thi patola mongha lavjo ,” ( o , my dear ! do bring precious patola from patan for me )has remained very famous for the last so many years , and so the fame , charm and popularity of patola even today .

Patola were amply used in the 17 th and 18th centuries. They were used as precious gifs, getting made patolas were as dignified as getting rich in culture and getting rich in passion for art and sprititually .Gujarati poet Premanand of the 17th century , in his famous narrative “ KUNVERJI NU MAMERU “ has referred to patola as “ LAKHO PACHHEDI PANDAR KODI, PATOLA PACHHAS VAHUJI ”( it means it will all have 50 patolas for marriage ) “ LAISH PATOLU SHRIKAR , SADI NAI PAHERU ”( it a birde’s wish to wear scrapped shape patola and not to wear saree)..


Today, in the era of everything instant , getting a product out quickly is pivotal to success for most business, especially for consumer‐ facing ones. But, the business of one craft defies this norm to survive and succeed. We are talking about the Patola sarees of Patan. It takes the combined effort of four weavers anywhere between four to six months, sometimes even more, to weave a single saree. This unique weave, usually made from silk, is a double Ikat and combines the techniques of tying, dyeing and weaving.

Exclusive master piece to world.

Many consider Patola as the Paramount magnificence that is ultimate manifestation of
weaving perfection
because the displacement of even one thread can resulted in a deformed pattern. Also, the dyeing and the weaving process is extremely complicated, requiring mathematical and technical precision coupled with a vivid and vibrant imagination. The double Ikat weave means once the saree or fabric is woven, you cannot differentiate between the sides – the colour and the intensity, the feel and the look, are the same on both sides.

Patola weaving is a guarded tradition handed down through generations

Traditionally pure silk and natural dyes  were used.Since about last 100 years . But the hack to the fast manugacturing of patola it allowed the use of bleach and easy to dye chemical colours (dyes).therefor the use of natural dyes in patola is discontinued. But since last 20 years again the importance to use of Vegetable dyes became the eco‐friendliness and to maintain the tradition of old natural dyes in patola.

Even fashion world is not left untouched to wrap in the beautiful
charm of the patan patola master pices.
The Emerging designers says that the best fabric had 3 quality to innovate the beautiful dress that is

  • Natural Fabrics
  • Never fading colours (basically long lasting colour)
  • Best absorber and The tighter the weave of a fabric

Apart from Hindus using it sacred cloth for performing rituals, even Muslims used it in the mimbar (pulpit) of mosques. The patola pattern is also found on robes of the officiating priest at Holy Mass among Orthodox Christians, says Varadrajan’s essay


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