• Glimpse of best forts in Gujarat

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Forts are a place usually used by soldiers to defend themselves in the war in ancient times. Every fort has a different story to tell and thus helds a unique importance in the history of Our country.

Let’s have a look on some of the forts of Gujarat.

Ranmal Chowki

Situated at Idar fort, Ranmal chowki is quiet popular amongst youngsters. Many youngsters from all over the country visit this place for tracking. It has got pleasant atmosphere but due to lack of facilities many people seems to avoid this place.

Many youngsters visit this place from all over the country for tracking. Very pleasant atmosphere around the place. Not so easy for everyone to visit this place because of lacking facilities. But that’s why it always attracts youngsters.

Bhadra fort

Bhadra fort deserves a special mention whenever you talk about the forts in India. Located in Ahmedabad city, it consist splendid palace and beautiful lush garden, which makes its charm unbeatable. This is a royal fort which helds top position in sightseeing of Ahmedabad.

It attracts pilgrims from all over the country and it is not unusual for pilgrims to stand in line for hours together to obtain a glimpse of the presiding deity for a few fleeting seconds.

The granduer and magnificence of the temple is guaranteed to make you forget where you are.

Lakhpat fort

At the far northwest corner of Kutch, facing the great Rann towards Pakistan stands Lakhpat, Which once was considered as an important port city. This city has now been abandoned for almost 200 years.

At the far northwest corner of Kutch, facing north across the Great Rann towards Pakistan, stands Lakhpat, once an important port city but now virtually abandoned for almost 200 years. A place where you can imagine the rise and decline of a great port city, and simultaneously contemplate the vast emptiness of the desert and the sea.

Fort of shivaji, Songadh

Songadh fort was built by the founder of Gaekwad dynasty, Pillajirao gaekwad. It was deliberately built on the top of the hill to keep an eyes on enemies. This fort is also an example of brilliant ancient architecture.

The Fort of Songadh literally means ‘Son’ stands for Gold & ‘Gadh’ stands for fort which means that the ‘Fort of Gold

Idar fort

Idar is an ancient fort known as ilva durga and finds mention in Mahabharata and in the traveller of the Chinese traveller hieu-ein-tsing.

In ancient times the town was surrounded by brick walls having gateways namely mira darwaja, dhuleta darwaja.


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