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Orsang Camp, Gamdi, Narmada

Orsang Camp is the true meaning of adventure and adrenaline rush by galvanizing its guests into taking a step up into the fear-free zone. Located in the village of Gamdi, on the bank of Orsang River, the Camp shelters a sprawling area of lush green 125 acres and is designed to offer a great blend of comfort, style and adventure seen never before. It is the First award winning campsite of Gujarat facilitating exhilarating activities like Longest Zip Line in the country, Kayaking among others, and is also the only Camp to Offer Glamping at your customization. Its provide mesmerizing experience to the guests including friends, family and couples, the Camp not only offers the wide choice of accommodation, its unparalleled beauty of the majestic landscape along with the warm hospitality, perfect 24 hour services and lip smacking food make it a prodigious holiday destination for guests seeking to traverse in to new fear-friendly world.

Happening activities are,

Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir is one of the famous National Wildlife Sanctuary in India and there are number of things to do in Gir. Activities that can be done in sasan gir are jeep safari and wild life sanctuary visit and crocodile park.

“A last home of asian lions called GIR”

Jungle Safari

Since Gir Forest is a wildlife sanctuary outdoor activities in the Gir Forest are limited to wildlife and bird watching which can be best enjoyed by jeep safari gir. It is suggested that you slot three-four days at the reserve to ensure that you spot some wildlife. Gir Interpretation Zone where you will be watching Asaitic lions.

Crocodile Park

In the center of the Sanctuary is the Kamleshwar Dam which houses crocodiles, different varieties of snakes & lizards.Few varieties of Tortoise & turtles can also be seen.

Saputara adventure park

This hill station is situated in the Dang forest area at an altitude of about 1,000 meters.
A top of the Saputara is Governer Hill at the elevation of 1100 meter. Saputara has been developed as a planned hill station with amenities. The Maharashtra state border is right next to Saputara. Excursions from Saputara can be made to the wild life sanctuary in the Mahal Bardipara forest.

Happening activities are,
Paragliding, Zip lines, Bike rides, Rope way cable car and many more….

Sabarmati skyline tour

1100 ft long zipline across the Sabarmati river. Ziplining is a recreational component of an adventure tourism that is gaining popularity in the recent years. This is a thrilling activity that gives you an adrenaline rush right from the start. Now get an opportunity to partake in this daring adventure in the middle of the city at the famous Sabarmati River Front of Ahmedabad.

Get attached to a pulley, hang on a cable and slide downwards along an inclined cable that is more than 1100 feet long each way. Commence the quest from a launch pad at a height of 60 feet above the river. Zipline across the river, anchoring all along the rope just few feet above the river. Feel the extreme thrill of this activity at Ahmedabad. No prior experience is required to do this activity. Enjoy ziplining and cherish those unforgettable moments for a lifetime.

Trekking in Guajrat

Trekking is a great past time during spring and summer. However, for trekking enthusiasts, Gujarat is a must–see. This beautiful city has a few of the most wonderful natural settings that are ideal for hikers from all over the world. The state enjoys a wonderful mixed weather and a combined topography, which makes every kilometer a different experience. Hikers who have visited the beautiful city are quick to commend the beautiful forests, natural reserves and wonderful local flora and fauna.

Best about trekking in Gujarat

The forest regions of Saputara, Ahwa, and Dhrangadra are great for camping and trekking.

For the more experienced trekkers, the forest reserves of Banni and the Abur-Poshina region are perfect.The entire region has several different types of flora and fauna that are indigenous only to this region..

Popular areas for trekking in Gujarat

Gujarat has several great routes that are open for tourists all through the year. We’ve listed a few of the top routes that you can try for this year.

Now a days the polo forest near idar city in sabarkantha district its most popular for trekking. The government has also established a campsite with a view to provide nature education and develop the site as tourism place. The jungle have 4 sculptured gates made of local sedimentary rocks in each direction. Development of the city was done along the river banks of Harnav. The temples were destroyed by the Mughals and now are the heritage sites. The jungles are rich with many wild animals like leopards and bears.

The Ahwa to Saputara route is one of the most interesting routes open to hikers all through the year. The route crosses through several local villages like Kunbis, Bhils and many more. Hikers are welcome to interact with the villagers and the locals are very friendly. After passing through the Ahwa village, it is possible to continue hiking onwards to the Mahal Bardipada forests, which have more local villages along the routes. Take the time to check hiking trails in the Sahyadhris surrounding the local area.

The next most popular route is along the Rann of Kutch extending up to Dhrangadra. The route is particularly well-known for its wildlife and natural forests. The Jhinjhwada fort is located on the route as well. For a change, hikers can try the Banni grasslands that are beautifully maintained during the summer season. This areas is particularly famous for its arts and crafts and you can check with the local villages, the historic Polo Ruins and the Poshina-Abur region to see more attractions. There are thousands of other regions in the area like the Panchmahal natural reserve, the Ratanmahal sanctuary and other programs. The Satpura Trekking route is also very popular with locals and tourists. The region is a geological wonder and the serpent shaped hill has mild to severe climbing challenges that are really interesting.


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