• 5 Places in Vadodara to Visit in Monsoon

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“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”

Vadodara is bounded by Panchmahal and Dahod districts to the north, Anand and Kheda districts to the west, Bharuch and Narmada districts to the south, and the state of Madhya Pradesh to the east. The tallest point in the region is Pavagadh Hill. The Mahi River passes through the district. In rain the river looks adorable. Not only the river but there are plenty of places in Vadodara which will grab your attention in this monsoon. take a look at this list

Kayavarohan Shiv Temple

On mahashivrathri day thousands of devotees visit this temple. This hindu temple was destroyed many time by the muslim marauder Mahmud of ghazni. I the late 20th century this temple is reconstructed by yogacharya swamiji kripalunandji maharaja. This place has great archaeology importance and A.S.I. listed this temple in heritage site. According to the puranas kayavarohan has the sixty eight teertha. This temple looks amazing in rainy morning.
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Sardar Baug

The relation of rain and nature is unique and you can see the unique beauty here. The garden is situated at alkapuri, vadodara, Gujarat. Its a very good garden with walking and running track. This garden is also consist a swimming pool. Their is some exercising tools but its need repairing. There are big area of playing for small kids.
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Sur Sagar Lake, Mandvi

If it’s monsoon or not the water in this lake remains for whole year. A concrete wall around the lake on which people use to sit at evening time. A 120 ft tall statue of lord shiva situated at the middle of the lake. The lake is used for boating also. Now a days boating is prohibited in the lake for various issues. The statue of lord shiva lit with lights on mahashivratri.
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Ajwa Garden

Ajwa garden is best tourist destination with a fountain garden, located just 30 kms from the city. The ajwa garden was built by the gaekwad 3rd in the 20th century. Ajwa is a reservoir also known as ajwa lake. The garden is famous for its musical fountain show. Also visit the ajwa reservoir and water treatment. One must note that entry to the water treatment plants needs prior permission. So many peoples are came here to enjoy in monsoon season.
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Sayaji Garden

The garden is largest garden in western region of india. The garde overs 113 acers. It has rich flora of more then 98 species of trees. The garden has three gate. The first one is ay sayaji square and 3rd one is at ranapratap square. This is one of the finest garden in india. Thousands of citizens of the city do come here for morning walk.
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