• 5 Best Places to Visit in Surendranagar

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Surendranagar is an administrative district in the state of Gujarat in India.[2] It has a population of approximately 1.7 million people. Surendranagar is also known as Jhalawad, as many principalities of Surendranagar district were ruled by Jhala Rajputs. Surendranagar city, along with the twin city of Wadhwan, has a total of 400,000 inhabitants, and is known as the city of Hi-Tech Bungalows. It was also known as “Camp”.
The city is also home to a big textile and clothing market, specializing in saris. Big clothing showrooms are located in the city. The city has a wholesale grain market called Mehta Market.

1. Sati Ranki Devi Temple

This temple was founded by the well known king, raja sidh to pay a tribute to ranik devi’s husband, rakhengar. The history goes ; ranik devi’s marriage was set with the raja sidh. Later on, she was forcefully married to rakhengar who was killed in a battle fought between raja sidh and rakhengar. On hearing this, Ranik devi sacrifices her life as sati in this temple.
The big history connected with this temple . This temple is too much famous in locals and also near by district. Devotees have too much faith in this temple.

2. Madha Vav, Wadhvan

This is a STEP WELL called madha vav in the village. Its a step well , about 55 meter deep. According to folklore , the well is empty and dry for many centuries. One day , one of the villagers have dream that a newly married couple should scarifies their lives and only then would the well have water. A couple was agree for village benefits. The newly married couple direct form marriage go to the well. With each step they took, the water level inside the well rise up and tiil now a days the well never empty.

3. Hawa Mahal, Wadhwan

During the era of jhala rulers, the construction of hawa mahal wadhwan was taken up which literary meant wild palace. Even tough it was an ambitious project with ultimate craftsmanship, the work was left incomplete, without the completion of the structure. These give a glimpse into the style of architecture used by the artisans in erecting hawa mahal. In present day many of the artisans are seen involved in carving and cutting of sculptures for various hindus and Jain temple projects.

4. Raj Rajeshwari Dham, Limbdi

Shri raj rajeshwari dham is situated on national highway no.8. It is near a town of limdi in surendranagar district. According to hindu culture there are rarely 1-2 temple where brhma Vishnu and Mahesh lords are under a single hood , luckily its one of them. The temple is built on a hundred acre piece of land, the initial acreage donated by people of jakhan village.
A huge infrastructure as well as very well planed architecture improves popularity of the “ shri raj rajeshwari dham”. The raj rajeshwari dham is also called the life mission centre.

5. Chamunda Temple, Chotila

Historically, this area is called ‘Panchal’. It is the worship place for Mata Chamunda, which is one of the 64 Avatars of Shakti,others being Bahuchar Mata, Kali Mata, Ambaji Mata etc. Chamunda Mataji is the Kuldevi (family Goddess) of many Hindus. Earlier Chotila was a princely state of Khachar dynasty. It was having area of 18 kM. Chotila is also the birthplace of famous Gujarati poet Zaverchand Meghani.
During the navaratri festival, a big havan is taking place on top of the Chotila hill. It is said that after the aarti at chotila hill in the evening everybody comes down the hill and that no one stays there that’s what Chamunda Mataji has said. Also people have encountered that there is a lion on the hill or dungar of chotila.


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