• 5 Best Places to Visit in Sabarkantha

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Sabarkantha – The Region along the River of Sabarmati; which is bounded by Rajasthan state to the North-East, Banaskantha and Mehsana districts to the West, Gandhinagar to the South and Arvalli to the South-East.

1. Sharneshwar Mahadev, Polo Forest

The Polo Forest region of Gujarat is a quiet retreat, nestled in the Aravalli hills bordering Gujarat and Rajasthan. The word “Polo” is derived from “Pol” which means “gateway” in Sanskrit. The forest was a gateway between Gujarat and Rajasthan. The Polo Forest region played host to the ancient kingdom of Vijayanagar. Polo Forest conceals a number of amazing temples built during the 10th to 15th century A.D. This Shiva Temple is famous in local people who are stay their around the temple and also nearest villages, but because this temple is old so people has so many superstitions about this temple.

2. Idar Fort, Sabarkantha

The town was surrounded by a brick wall in the past which had three gateways named mira darwaja, dhuleta darwaja, marked with many red hands each recording a victim to the rite of sati. Inside of the wall, a road, running round the town, leads to the gantino darwajo, a rock cut passage giving access to the main route to rajasthan in past. Only portions of the fortification is present now. Idar is an ancient fort, known as ilva durga and finds mention in mahabharat and in the travelogue of the Chinese traveler hieu-en-tsing.

3. Polo Forest, Vijaynagar

The polo forest is famous for its dark forest area. Now a days in monsoon season the polo forest is the best tourist destination for the tourist in Gujarat. It’s the best place for one day picnic with friends and family also. In the middle of the forest there is eco camp site for tourist. The many event organized now a days in polo forest like tracking and all. The Gujarat government organized many event named ”POLO UTSHAV” in this festival the tent city developed for a week and people stay their and enjoy a night at forest.

4. Rani Lake, Idar

Now a days the rani lake known as jain tirth rani lake because of the center of the lake the big jain derasar are there. The jain temple is surrounded by the water in monsoon its looks more beautiful like island. The bridge is there to reach at the jain temple. On the side of this palace, there is a huge water tank, Rani Talav fed by rain water from the hill. An avenue of old trees at the edge of perfectly arranged stone steps and the reflection of the massive stone scape makes an interesting composition. The rani lake is famous as jain derasar called rani talav. The jain temple is very much famous in locals at evening time many people come here to get relax form city life.

5. Ranmal Chowki, Idar Gadh, Idar

Ranmal chowki is situated at idar fort. As one reaches the plateu, one can see at the highest point on the left ranmal chowki. Ranmal’s chowki or guardroom , seems to be an unfinished jain temple, the building of which was stopped after the flat stone ceiling had been put on. Many youngsters visit this place from all over the country for tracking. Very pleasant atmosphere around the place. Not so easy for everyone to visit this place because of lacking facilities. But that’s why it always attracts youngsters.


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