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Kheda District is one of the thirty-three districts of Gujarat state in western India. Nadiad city is the administrative headquarters of the district.

Kheda is district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Kheda, also known as Kaira. Nadiad is a city and an administrative center of the Kheda district. The city is famous for its socio-educational-religious humanitarian services led by Santram Mandir and supported by institutions of higher learning such as Dharmasinh Desai University etc.

1. Ranchod Rai Temple, Dakor

Ranchod rai temple was constructed by Shri Gopal rao jagannath tambwekar in 1772 ad. At the cost of Rs. 100000. It was built with brick Walls and stones pillars. It has eight domes and Twenty four turrets, the highest of them being go Feet making it the tallest temple in the district. It Is situated near the bank of the Holy Lake gomti In midst if the main Bazar of dakor. On the upper floor of the gate there is a Tokorkhana where music is played on Shehnai and drums daily every three hours Listening to the devotional songs sung by Champavati Ben tambekar is a very special Experience.

2. Gomti Lake, Vadtal

Vadtal is the supreme pilgrim centre of swaminarayan sampraday in the kheda district Gujarat. Gomati is the holy lake in vadtal. The gomti lake also have gomti temple. The lake quite famous in local and its best place to sit at evening time. The main attraction of the is small temple middle of the lake.

3. Raska Jain Tirth, Mahemdabad

Raska jain tirth is situated at raska village in mahemdabad kheda district Gujarat. The jain temple is just 25 km away form Ahmadabad. The main idol of the temple is lord shankheshwar prashwanath. As shown in the photos the architecture of the temple is beautiful. The big area covered by this temple. This is the jain tirth yatra dham of lord prashwanath. The temple has facilities of dharamshala and bhojanshala for the devotees who come here for darshan. The temple is famous because of the architecture of the temple is marvellous. The must visit temple.

4. BAPS Swaminarayan Temple, Nadiyad

The culture and heritage are the distinct part of the identity of and individual & community. The BAPS sanstha host a verity of invites to help India stay connected with their culture & roots. The archarya shree of swaminarayan temple are responsible for the initiating followers into the organization with a samanya diksha by giving guru mantra perform murti-pratishtha installing deities in the temple. Acting as a guru and leader of whole sampraday. The archarya wear a red turban and carry an golden staff and umbrella the symbol of their authority. This temple is famous for the swaminarayan idol of beautiful dresses and its marvellous architecture of the temple. The atmosphere of any swaminarayan temple is peaceful and pleasant.

5. Roza Rozi Dargah, Mahemdabad

Roza rozi is a maqbara located near ghodali Village with distance of 3 k.m.s from mahemdabad It is a holy place for Muslims. so there is a fair on Uras celebrating after the 10 day of eid – ul – fitra with Lots of joy. The myth about Roza rozi is that we can’t Count the pillars of the building. Roza rozi is a popular picnic spot for the local Residence and during the auspicious events of Eid, a fun fair is set up in there. It is also known For its architectural design.


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