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Banaskantha – The Region along the River of Banas, which is bounded by Rajasthan state to the North, Kutch district to the West, Patan and Mehsana districts to the South and Sabarkantha to the East.
The second largest district of Gujarat comprises of 14 Talukas.

1. Gabbar Temple, Ambaji

Just about 4.5 km from ambaji gabbar Hill is Situated on the border of Gujarat and rajasthan, Near the flow of the origin of the famous vedic Virgin river saraswati, on the hills of arasur in Forest, at the 1600 feet height from sea level. It is one of the 51 famous ancient Shakti Peeth and it is the place of where the heart of the dead Sati fell at the top of hill of gabbar. As per the legend Narrated in the tantra chudamani. A holy lamp is constantly burning on this Hill. The temple facing exactly in front of visa shree Yantra of nij mandir of Mata Shri arasuri ambica. There are beautiful sightseeing places. And trip through ropeway is amazing.

2. Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctury

Important animals- Sloth bear, leopard, striped hyena, jackal, four-horned antelope, mongoose, porcupine, civet cat, jungle cat, hanuman langur etc. Cobra, krait, Saw-scaled viper, Russel’s viper and Bamboo pit viper are the main venomous snakes found here. Python, Rat snake, Red sand boa, Trinket are the non-venomous snakes. Star tortoise, Flap-shell turtle, Chameleon and Termite hill gecko are also found here. 147 species of birds are recorded here 16 of which are terrestrial (nesting and foraging on ground such as grey jungle fowl, partridge, quail etc.). Alexandrine parakeet, common babbler, crested serpent eagle, green pigeon, hoopoe, lesser golden-backed woodpecker, grey jungle fowl, tailor bird etc. are some common species.

3. Dantiwada Dam

Dantiwada dam is a mud and masonry dam On the west banas river near dantiwada, Banaskantha district. The dam was constructed Mainly for irrigation and flood control. 111 total Villages are under command of dantiwada dam And 12 villages are partially submergence. Gujarat c.m. Dedicated rs. 110 crore dantiwada Dam oriented group water supply project benefiting 123 villages of 3 talukas on April 10, 2015. Many visitors daily visit the dam. It is a Best tourist attraction. Visitors make sure that they visit the balaram place and wildlife Sanctuary located near the dam. It is the Dividing line between dharoi and dantiwada Dam.

4. Kailash Vatika Garden

The multipurpose garden was built in the year 2005, which known as the urban development Year as per the Gujarat government. It is situated On the banks of law garden. Many people of all age groups can be seen Doing exercises, pranayams to keep fit early in the Morning. It is a must visit for visitors. The garden al so Has a separate children Park. The garden has Lots of greenery all around. It also has sitting Arrangements for visitors. Visitors can enjoy the cool breeze while taking A walk around the lake which has been quite Well maintained by the Government.

5. Balaram Palace Resort

Balaram palace resort, once the hunting retreat Of the lohani Nawab of Palanpur, is now a heritage Classic hotel. It was built between 1922- 1936 by The 29th ruler of Palanpur. The palace is set in 13 Arches of terraced upland rising from a hilly stream And surrounded by lush green gardens. The resort has many facilities like a.c. Rooms Doctor on call, WiFi connection, car rental service, Sigh – seeing natural walks, safaris, helipad facility And indoor and outdoor activities.


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