A Jain temple is the place of worship for Jains, the followers of Jainism,Derasar is a word used for a Jain temple in Gujarat and southrn Rajasthan.

Jain temples are built with various architectural designs.Jain temples in North India are completely different from the Jain temples in South India, which in turn are quite different from Jain temples in West India. There are two type of Jain temples:

  • Shikar-bandhi Jain temple(one with the dome) and
  • Ghar Jain temple (Jain house temple without dome).

All shikar-bandhi Jain temples have many marble pillars which are carved beautifully with Demi god posture. There is always a main deity also known as mulnayak in each derasar. The main part of Jain temple is called “Gambhara” (Garbha Graha) in which there is the stone carved God idol. One is not supposed to enter the Gambhara without taking a bath and without wearing puja (worship) clothes.

A Jain temple which is older than 100 years and is known as a pilgrimage center is often termed a Tirtha.

Ckeck Out this list of  11 Famous Jain Derasar to Visit in Gujarat.

Omkar Tirth

This is the jain tirth near channi, vadodara. The prashvanath jain derasar tirth called omkar jain tirth. In fornt of the derasar their is also a mini shetrunjay which is made by temple trust. The beautiful architecture of temple attract more. The omakar tirth also have a facilities of dharamshala and bhojanshala for the devotees who visited this tirth dham. 

Hastagiri Jain Tirth, Palitana

The temples of Hastagiri have been magnificently designed. These group of temples on Mt. Shatunjaya on one side of the hill and the sight of Mt. Kamgiri on the other side is presents a beautiful sight to the eyes. The scenic beauty that surrounds the place is very appealing. This temple had been constructed by highly skilled craftsmen and stone masons. The temple serves as an apt pilgrimage place for spiritual pursuits.

Kalikund Jain Tirth, Dholka

In delineation of every organ and sub-organ of this ancient idol, excellent artistry stands out. It seems as if Bhagawan is blessing the devotees with steady eyes and a sweet smile. There are many other handsome idols. In the city also, one sees many artistic models. With directions of many modern architects, the present Mini-Shetrunjaya is modeled like the very beautiful and valuable sacred place of Shetrunjaya.

Tagdi Jain Tirth, Dhandhuka

The tagdi jain tirth is situated at tagdi Bhavnagar highway dhandhuka ahmedabad Gujarat. The tagdi tirth also known as NANDANVAN TIRTH. The mulnayak of this tirth is shree munisurvat swami .The idol of munisurvat swami is beautiful. This is a jain religious place. The tirth also have facility of dharamshala and bhojanshala for devotees. The jain temple is famous because of the architecture of the temple.

Raska Jain Tirth, Mahemdabad

Raska jain tirth is situated at raska village in mahemdabad kheda district Gujarat. The jain temple is just 25 km away form Ahmadabad. The main idol of the temple is lord shankheshwar prashwanath. As shown in the photos the architecture of the temple is beautiful. The big area covered by this temple.

Simandhar Swami Jain Temple

The jain temple of simandhar swami is located In mehsana city. It’s white colored of Bhagvan Simandhar swami in the padmasana posture tells the glorious story of simandhar swami. The idol height is 146 inches and white Colored of bhagwan simandhar swami. The temple has a huge entrance gate. It’s design with its outer half and conjointly wealthy in art pleasing to the eyes therefore The heart. Therefore another facilities this temple Provides is boarding and loading to each pilgrim.

Samdi Vihar Jain Temple

Samdi vihar is renovated so many times. The last renovation was handle by Aabhadmantri, son of udayanmantri . In the initial stage of the renovation , a devi stopped them from initiating the renovation work. Devi gave them a condition sacrifice 32 numbres of ‘LAKSHANA’ if they wanted to start the renovation. But Aabhadmantri refuse to do this and sacrifice himself instead of ‘LAKSHNA’ Due to this devi pleased and give privileges to start the renovation of the temple. Now a days the temple has statue of jain tirthankar on the fame of the temple.

Kumbhariya Jain Temple

One and a half k.m. Away from ambaji town. It has historical jain temple of Shri neminath Bhagvan which dates back to 13th century. The kumbhariya jain temple of neminath bhagwan Is now heritage center in Gujarat. The beautiful carving on the wall it’s the main attraction of the temple.

Meru Dham Jain Temple

This jain tirth was built in memories of merusurishwarji maharaj and the maharaj last antim sanskar also done at this place. The temple was built in guidance of vijay hemchandrasuri maharaj , idol of nageshwar prashwanath in “kaushag mudra”. This is a jain tirth place its famous for its idol of nageswar prashwanath in “kaushag mudra”. This place also have dharma shala and bhojan shala available for tourist come here for darshan.

72 Jinalay Jain Derasar

This holy place is very important for Jain people. It was built in the memory of Gun Sagar Surishwarji Maharaj back in the year 1982. It has octagonal shape and believed to be proven as a milestone for future generations. Tourists always come to see this attractive and beautiful place and feel special closeness with God and others go to acquaint themselves with the environment in which these special, spiritual things happened.


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