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Story of Life

Bejan Daruwalla, born 11 July 1931. He belongs to Zoroastrian Religion .

Famous for

Bejan Daruwalla, is a popular Indian astrology columnist. He has also served as a professor of English in Ahmedabad. Despite being of Parsi heritage, he is known to be an ardent follower of Shri Ganesh. His astrological techniques combines Indian and Western Astrology, I-Ching, Tarot reading, the Kabalah and Palmistry.


Bejan Daruwalla launched his astrology website on 25 April 2003 at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. This marked the launch of personalised services by Bejan Daruwalla and his team of astrologer on the internet.

He is known for making several accurate predictions such as the death of Sanjay Gandhi, the rise of Indian nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party, the Kargil War and the Gujarat earthquake